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1. The Arhat Cudapanthaka. Tibet, 19th Century. Showing two Buddha figures, a sea monster and the Arhat Cudapanthaka (Lam-phran bsTan) in deep meditation surrounded by attendants and offerings. Beautifully painted stone colors with silver accents. The thanka itself is 26" (65 cm.) by 17" (43 cm); with the hand sewn border it measures 37" by 24". $850.
2. Four Arhats Tibet, 19th Century. Similar in style to the thanka above and showing four of the sixteen Tibetan arhats. Rahula holds a crown; Cudapanthaka is deep in meditation; Pindola-Bharadvaja holds a book and a begging bowl; Panthaka holds a book and one hand is in the gesture of argument. The thanka itself is 26" (65 cm.) by 17" (43 cm); with the hand sewn border it measures 37" by 24". $850.
3. Newari Amitayus. Nepal, 19th - early 20th century. A formal painting of Amitayus surrounded by Buddhas. The portraits of members of the donor family appear at the bottom of the thanka over an inscription in Tibetan. There are also small images of Padmasambhava and Mahakala. The thanka measures 17 1/2" by 29" (45 cm. by 74 cm.); including the cotton border it measures 24" by 50". SOLD.
4. Buddha. This was painted in the early 1950s on an oiled canvas -- a technique used so that the thanka could then be rolled up and carried on long journeys as a portable altar. The Buddha is seated on a peacock throne, surrounded by meditating monks, deities, and other Bodhisattvas, while references are made to scenes from his life. The small figures of monks and rejoicing devis are particularly nice. The painting is 27" high, 17" wide. Tibet. In brocade frame (with brocade, 40" high, 25" wide). $450.
5. Newari Lokeshvara Painting. Nepal, 19th Century. A painting of a composite form of Avaloketeshvara known as Hari Hari Hari Vahana Lokeshvara. Avalokiteshvara sits above Vishnu who sits over Garuda, his mount, who sits over a white lion, Avalokiteshvara's vehicle, who is over the serpent king Takshaka. This represents Avalokiteshvara, god of compassion, as the supreme lord. 48" (122 cm.) long, 13" (33 cm.) wide. $425.
6. Vajrapani Thanka. 19th Century, Tibet. 16" (41 cm.) high, 11" (28 cm.) wide. Painted on this canvas with the border removed. Details painted in gold. Vajrapani surrounded by flames, holding a gold dorje; his consort holding a skull cup. At the top of the thanka is a figure of Padmasambhava; at the bottom and sides are 5 different khyung images. With a Tibetan inscription on the back. SOLD.
7. Lamas and Gods Banner. Tibet, 18th Century. 9 panels painted in stone and vegetable colors on canvas. Each panel is sewn by hand onto a leather strip. (A break in the strip has been recently repaired.) Length of Banner: 85" (216 cm.) Each panel: approx 8 1/2" x 5" (21.6 cm. x 12.7 cm.) SOLD.
8. Mahakala Thanka. 19th Century, Tibet. The painting measures 22" x 27", not including the cloth. A central figure of Mahakala surrounded by flames. Above are three lamas; below, 2 fierce deities flank a sea of snakes. To the left and right of Mahakala are wonderful paintings of deer and snow lions among mountains and flowers. The painting is worn but in very good condition, unlike the surrounding cloth. There are two holes, measuring approx. 1/4" to 1/2" at the top of the thanka, next to the central lama figure. SOLD.
9. Mini Painting of Deities. 5" (13 cm.) by 3 3/4" (9.4 cm.) I bought this in Lhasa at the same time as the two Dorje Pagmo miniatures above. Painted on a card of mulberry paper and showing an army of deities on different animals: elephant, bird, dragon, oxen and horses. SOLD.
10. Norbu dZin Pa. Tibet or Mongolia, 19th century. Purchased as one of a set from a temple that had recently commissioned new thankas, this painting shows wear in the top center but it still has a lot of charm. I think this is the Bodhisattva Norbu dZin Pa, the Gem Holder; he holds a wish fulfilling jewel in one hand, a drum in the other. Painted on loosely woven cloth, the painting is 17" by 19 1/2" (43 cm. by 50 cm.), 21" by 23" including the border. $275.
11. Chakrasamvara. Tibet or Mongolia, 19th century. From the same set of paintings as above. Chakrasamvara and his consort Vajravarahi, enlightenment through the blissful union of compassion and wisdom. Painted on loosely woven cloth, the painting is 17" by 19 1/2" (43 cm. by 50 cm.), 21" by 23" including the border. $275.
12. Dorje Drolo. Tibet or Mongolia, 19th century. The incarnation of a wrathful Padmasambhava, subduer of demons. He rides a pregnant tigress and holds a vajra in one hand, phurba in another. Painted on loosely woven cloth, the painting is 17" by 19 1/2" (43 cm. by 50 cm.), 21" by 23" including the border. $450.
13. White Tara Thanka in Gold. A contemporary thanka from Kathmandu painted in different hues of gold paint, this thanka shines. Tara is seated on a lotus, wearing a crown with a figure of the Buddha and surrounded by flowers and mountains, saints and deities. The background is subtly painted with swirls. 14" x 19". SOLD.
14. Chenresig Thanka in Brocade. Contemporary, Kathmandu. Beautiful painting of Chenresig, clad in gold and silver robes and surrounded by a golden aurole and lotus flowers. At the bottom of the thanka are small images of Manjushri and Vajrapani. Framed in brocade decorated with flower and long life designs. Size of painting: 14" x 19" (35 cm. by 48 cm.), including brocade 25" by 40" (63 cm. by 101 cm.) SOLD.
15. Large Tamang Thanka of Amitayus and Deities. 19th Century, Nepal. Painted on cloth with a new brocade border and showing a seated Amitayus in a sumptuous palace surrounded by deities. Size of painting including brocade: 29" by 40" (74 cm. by 101 cm.) $1200.
16. King Gesar of Ling. 19th - 20th Century, Tibet. Cloth painting with gold highlights showing King Gesar holding a banner and sceptre and surrounded by symbols of his power: a khyung, dragon, snowlion and tiger. 15" by 19" (38 cm. by 48 cm.) $450.
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